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One of the more important services we provide is a tow and repair. Glendale AZ is jam packed with auto repair shops, but we will only recommend the best available to our customers. This is due to the deep level of responsibility that we feel to our customers. Since the repair shop in question is essentially your final destination, we feel it is part of our job to make sure they will treat you with respect and fairness.

Often, many people are forced to call a tow truck due to either to an unexpected or impending car break down. At Central Towing, we remain flexible for our customers so quickly get a tow and repair to their vehicle.tow-and-repair-phoenix-az

Choosing how to go about the prospect of towing and auto repair is a process that deserves more than just a little thought. Unfortunately, in a real time situation it can be difficult to gather up all the information necessary to make the best choice. This is why we at Central Towing come prepared with the information that you need to get the best service available.

If you have not yet chosen an auto repair shop, our drivers will be happy to suggest a few local auto repair shops around town with which we have cultivated relationships. We understand that no one wants to feel pressured about where they choose to take their car; this is why our professional drivers will make these suggestions upon your request.

At Central Towing, we believe that there is no substitute for the ethical treatment of each and every one of our customers. We understand that the necessity for a tow and repair is something that is rarely planned on and the stress that often comes with a break down can be a little overwhelming. We consider it our duty to make the process as easy and pleasant for our customers.

No matter whether your vehicle needs a complete engine overhaul, or you decide to have the vehicle towed to prevent any further damage, it is important to choose a quality auto repair facility that you trust. We understand that making these decisions on the fly is not a pleasant experience; our staff will do everything they can to make you feel more comfortable, and provide you with the information you require to make the best decision under the circumstances.

Contact us today for an accurate estimated time of arrival. We know full well that time is of the essence, and you are counting on us to get the job done.



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