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Roadside Assistance, Glendale AZ

car strandedFor most people, the thing that provides the most peace of mind is the option of prompt, professional roadside assistance. Glendale AZ is certainly not the worst place to find yourself stuck for a short time, but we at Central Towing know that finding yourself stuck anywhere is a serious problem and needs a quick, easy solution.

Roadside assistance is a broadly used term that means several things to different people. We make want to make sure that our customers know exactly what services they have access to when they call us.

Battery Jumpstart, Glendale

Jump Start CarFew things can put a damper on your day than the realization that you need a battery jumpstart. Glendale can take a beating from the heat, and all it takes is a slightly older battery or a light left on over night to drain it entirely.  Finding yourself without the cables or even a friendly driver to help you out can make matters much worse. This is why we at Central Towing offer a battery jump start as one of our roadside assistance services.

Gas Delivery, Glendale

Gas DeliveryDue to any number of reasons, it can be quite easy to find that you have completely run out of gas. Glendale has no shortage of gas stations, but if you are on the back roads or stuck on the freeway, running out of gas can put you in a highly compromising situation that can only be solved by a few gallons delivered directly to your vehicle.

Fuel delivery is one of the fastest services we provide,

Tire Change, Glendale

roadside tire change glendaleOne of the most common roadside assistance services we perform is a tire change. Glendale can be unforgiving in terms of heat, beyond that, there are several situations where one simply cannot be blamed for calling in a professional to handle the situation and conduct a tire change service.  

Especially if you are running short on time, a flat tire can quickly deflate any hopes of arriving at your destination with anything resembling punctuality.

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